Sara Palacios CV

Sara Palacios' art is very eclectic, encompassing several aesthetic considerations and processes: fine art, multi media collage, textile art.

Walnut, California


Biographical Notes

Sara Palacios was born in Cuba in 1955.  She migrated to the United States with her family in 1968 and has lived mostly in the Los Angeles area ever since.  She married Rodrigo Palacios in 1974 who, at the time, was studying for his Ph.D. at Stanford University. That year Sara accompanied Rodrigo to Stanford's campuses in France and Italy where they immersed themselves in the study and first-hand perception of the history and philosophy of art. Back in the United States, Sara studied political science and philosophy at California State University Long Beach. Ms. Palacios began exhibiting her fine art paintings in Galeria de Las Americas in Los Angeles in the early 90s and later, in 1998, undertook the creation of  textiles in order to launch a fashion line of wearable art which she showed in the principal cities of the United States, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, etc. She also has shown her work in London, UK. At present, she creates home furnishings, whose images you can see at Sara Palacios Designs.

From 1998- Present: Creating at Sara Palacios Designs.

Selected Exhibitions

2020 T. Elliot Gallery solo show "Conversations", Riverside California

2016 Art Share LA, group show, “Close to Home”, Los Angeles California

2013 Latino Art Museum, group show, “Vanities, Vanidades, Vanities” Pomona, California.

2003 Brandstater Gallery, solo show, “Illusions and Transformations”, La Sierra University, Riverside, California.

2002 California Art Gallery/Latino Art Museum “Cuba Art Festival”, Pomona, California.

2001 California Art Gallery, “Clothes, The Human Body and Art: a Symbiotic Relationship”, Pomona, California.

1997 Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture, “Angels’ Ink” group show, Los Angeles, California.

1997 BATA Gallery, “Small Dreams”, solo show, Los Angeles, California.

1996 The Corridor Gallery, group show, E. Hollywood, California.

1996 Exhibition on the Arts and Crafts of Africa and the Africa Diaspora (in conjunction with Africa95) Library Foyer, School of Oriental and African Studies, London England.

1996 Galeria Las Americas, group show, Santa Monica, California

1996 BATA Gallery, group show, Los Angeles, California.

1996 L.A. Art SEEN, group show, Santa Monica, California

1995 Galeria Las Americas, group show, Los Angeles, California.

1995 Art Studio Gallery, solo show, Santa Monica, California.

1994 Cabrillo Pavilion Art Center, group show, Santa Barbara, California.

1994 Galeria Las Americas, dual show, Los Angeles, California.

1993 Galeria Las Americas, group show, Los Angeles, California.

1992 Phyllis Diller International, Beverly Hills, California.

1992 “Issues of Choice”, group show, Los Angeles, Contemporary Exhibition, Los Angeles, California.


Bronze Award, Art of California Magazine, Discovery Award, 1993.


DAILY BULLETIN: Inland Valley, July 5, 2001

LA OPINION: “Espectaculos” March 5, 1997

ARTE DE LAS AMERICAS, 1996, Galeria de Las Americas, Santa Monica, California.

LATIN STYLE, Vol. II No. 3 1996, Venice, California.

VECINOS DEL VALLE, June 1994, San Fernando Valley, California.

EASTSIDE SUN, July 1994, Los Angeles, California.


Summer 1996, Art in the Park in collaboration with the Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture.

October 1996 Para Los Ninos in collaboration with the Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture.