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Since 2008, we have been passionate about designing and manufacturing customs curtain, roman shades, pillows and bedding for our customers.  All our orders are made in our studio in Los Angeles.

Please, email us with your inquiries at

For a quote: email the following information:

  1. Window area width x length 
  2. Where will the curtain open? Center   Right Side   Left Side
  3. Fabric:   Silk, Velvet, Linen, Cotton
  4. Curtain Heading Style: Flat Panel   Pinch Pleat French Pleat  Inverted Pleat   
  5. Lining: Standard   Blackout   Standard w/flannel interlining  Blackout w/flannel interlining   

For Handcrafted Fabric

  1. Border Style:  28", 48”, 58”,  68” or Custom Length
  2. FABRIC Style: Quilted,  Patchwork,  Hand-painted,  Hand Printed
  3. Do you prefer patterns or do you prefer layering solids? Patterns, Solid
  4. What patterns are you most drawn to?  Floral, Stripe, Geometrics, SolidsWhat color do you want to be the main color? What color don’t you like? Is there a consistent thread of color that runs through the room?





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