Window curtains are an affordable way to add value to your house.

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By adding curtain treatments to your home the house will have a higher resale value than a home with no drapes at all. Window treatments can make your home look more elegant, more visually appealing.

Recent research has found that homes with quality window-coverings sell better; these homes get top dollar when it is time to sell on the real estate market. House hunters are more often looking for homes that already have window-treatments installed to control their environment easier. Homes with curtains easily keep heat out in the summer and cold away in the winter. In fact, curtain panels have the ability to stay cooler in the summer than other window treatments because their pleats and folds lose the hot season heat through convection. Also, most curtains can reduce the heat loss from a warm room at up to 10 percent when they are drawn during cold winters.

Give your home some curb appeal by placing attractive drapes in your home today. Give send us an email with the dimensions: widths and heights. 

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Drapery styles by Sara Palacios Designs

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