Our Blue and Cream Velvet is Having a Moment: Why it may be the just the textile you need in 2021

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Our Blue and Cream Velvet is Having a Moment: Why it may be the just the textile you need in 2021

We have a confession to make—it seems the stars have aligned in a way that has pushed our sumptuous blue and cream velvet to the top of the must-have textile list. It’s true we may be a bit biased, as we’ve always found this versatile fabric absolutely lovely, and it’s nice to know we aren’t alone. Let’s look at a few reasons why we’re making this fabric now more than ever before.

Velvet is On Trend…Again

It seems velvet is always enjoying a revival in the design world—as soon as its popularity begins to wane in one area, it shows its’ luxurious head in another. Perhaps because the fabric itself seems to be inextricably tied to luxury and splendor. No matter what décor is popular throughout the years, it seems there’s always been a place for velvet. 


And we certainly understand—the feel of velvet against the skin is silky and sumptuous and it positively begs you to lovingly run your hand back and forth over the texture. There simply is no other feeling quite like it. While you may remember the jewel toned velvet that was popular for drapes and furniture in 2020, this perennial favorite has changed things up again this year, and designers are incorporating a softer, more pastel version of velvet into their creations.

And that is where our sensuous and slightly understated blue and cream velvet slips perfectly into this year’s hottest design trends.

Blue Isn’t Going Anywhere

Let’s be honest—2020 was a year like no other and many of us found ourselves working from home and putting health and safety above all else. So, it isn’t surprising if the fact that blue was Pantone’s 2020 color of the year selection slipped past you. And, perhaps, it’s because of the pandemic that blue is still showing up in design elements everywhere. We just didn’t get to enjoy it last year.

Like velvet, blue is quintessentially timeless, and pairing the classic shade with cream, grey and brown has become increasingly popular in recent years. But, with blue firmly at the helm, you achieve an overall look that is well-grounded and serene.

The Timeless Appeal of Texture

Also having a resurgence in 2021 is the use of texture, or the appearance of texture, in textiles to create visual interest. Texture may be used in drapes, accessories, or upholstery to create a look that is singular and intriguing.

Ocean inspiration is on trend this year in textiles, with materials combining color and pattern to invoke the spirit of crashing waves and churning water.

Again, we feel our velvet fabric is leading the pack in this department. Soothing blues intermingle with cream elements and recall peering through crystalline waters to admire the mosaic stone lining some impossibly romantic Italian fountain.

Remember when I said our fabric is having a moment? I now understand why:


Gorgeous shades of blue and cream…check.

Eye-catching texture...check.

Friends, what we have is a fabric that checks all major design boxes for 2021. Add to that the fact that it can be used on furnishings, as drapes, or for accessories, and you have a versatile fabric that is sure to compliment most any design aesthetic.

Let’s look at just how well this fabric works throughout the home.

Use it For Drapes

The impact this fabric has when hung en masse in the form of drapes cannot be understated. And yet…the color is subdued enough to impart a sense of serenity over drama. Then again, the textural appeal is certain to catch the eye and draw it eye upward toward the ceiling.

When used as Drapes, this fabric creates an unapologetic focal point without taking over the room. The mosaic like texture is on full display and only adds to the water element aesthetic. And it happens to drape beautifully when hanging.

Perfect material. Perfect color. Perfect design.


Use it For Accessories

Unlike drapes, using this fabric in an accent piece such as throw pillows provides the added benefit of reveling in the glorious feel of the velvet. Adding a few thoughtfully placed pillows helps to unify the color scheme in the room. If you already have this fabric in the form of drapes, adding pillows will connect the lower half with the upper half of the room, creating a look that is refined and cohesive.




As is the case with drapes, a chair or sofa draped in sumptuous velvet is a feast for the senses. The eyes can enjoy the detailed beauty of the design while the body soaks up the decadent feel of velvet. If you are looking for the perfect fabric for an accent chair, we think you can’t do better than this lovely and durable material


And so…

I believe we’ve made it clear why this fabric seems so universally beloved. It is on trend yet timeless, eye catching without being ostentatious. We think it will look just lovely where you live and can’t wait to incorporate it into your home. You may contact us here, either by phone or via email. Let’s get together and create something uniquely yours.

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