Boho Chic Wallpaer

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The inspiration of our Boho Chic wallpaper is based on a textile design created in our studio.

Historically, wallpaper was created as a lower-cost replacement for the expensive wall tapestries that were so common in the Renaissance.  Today decorating with wallpaper is also a way to change the interior of a home without too large of a investment. 

Wallpapers are a wonderful way to add depth to a room, thus setting a mood to an interior. It can create warms, it can be relaxing. Wallpaper can make a room fun creating a playful feeling.

Also can give a feeling of luxury to any space. 

Wallpapers can change an entire room, just by highlighting a wall, a corner, or the inside of furniture.

Modern wallpapers are made of vinyl, they are extremely durable and easily washable, they are less likely to scratch, tear or stain.

The Boho Chic wallpaper is eco-friendly, Type II wallcovering, Class A/M1/B1 Fire Rated, PVC-free, and Forest Stewardship Council certified.  All of our wallpapers are printed in the USA.

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