"Conversations" Tapestry Art Work

"Conversations" is a set of tapestries that are inspired by a novel of Rodrigo Palacios "Woman Crossing the Seine"

In the novel, the main character, Belle, embarks on a Dantesque journey in the company of Sadie. Both Belle and Sadie have a constant metaphysical conversation on the relation of love, beauty, betrayal and the understanding of reality, which are not easily discovered or experienced in our daily lives

Through the poetics of these textiles, the process of layering, patching, painting, creating creases and fissures,  I am marking the material with language, rhythm, and harmony, to attempt to understand just as - alas obliquely -  the fundamental nature of the world and what it means to inhabit it. In the novel, Palacios’ protagonists are confronted with the same existential problems.